05 December 2009

Prince 2

I made a migratory move to Melbourne Australia and whilst being over here decided to embark upon attaining a formal project management qualification. Having attended courses on the PMI institutes PMBOK i.e. project management body of knowledge, i was keen on exploring a more process oriented project management methodology. Prince 2 (Projects in controlled environments) is the UK's standard project management methodology and a must for any project manager in the UK. It is practiced in 65 countries worldwide and is also common in Australia particularly around government projects. Prince 2 qualifications involve a Foundation Certificate and a Practitioner certificate.

I had enrolled for training and certification this Monday - Wednesday for the Foundation and the next February for the Practitioner. The foundation is a 3 day course and the practitioner a 2 day, with each followed by mcq examinations. The reason for the gap in learning being that I wanted to read the Prince 2 manuals and familiarize myself with the theory and put it into practice before attempting the practitioner.My training insitute is Project Laneway's based in Melbourne.

I wanted to document my Prince 2 learning hence the use of this blog.

Its Saturday and im browsing through the precourse reading material and this is what i seem to gather about Prince 2.

Prince 2 is a process based approach to project management. It has a sequence of processes which need to be followed to adhere to its standards. It also has principles and themes which make Prince 2 what it is. So there are 3 parts to Prince 2 's theory -a project environment, principles, themes and processes.

Prince 2 also produces many management products which are documents such as a project initiation document, project plan, risk register, configuration management strategy, etc. Each document has a recommeded format and is produced within a set Prince 2 process.

Prince 2 Principles - i.e. these are the principles which make a Prince 2 project -
1) Continued business justification
2) Based on learning from the past
3) There are clear roles and responsibilities
4) Managed by stages 
5) Managed by exception
6) Focus on products
7) Suiting the Project Environment

Prince 2 is made up of 7 themes (and their management products) -
1) Business case - Business case doc and Benefits review plan,
2) Organization structure - Project Management structure and communications management strategy,
3) Quality - Product description, Quality Management strategy & Quality Register
4) Plans - Project plan, Team plan, Stage plan and Exception plan
5) Risk - Risk Management strategy and Risk register
6) Change - Issue Report, Issue register, configuration management strategy

7) Progress - Highlight report, checkpoint report, Exception report

Prince 2 processes -

1) Start up of a project
2) Initiating a project
3) Controlling a stage
4) Managing product delivery

5) Managing stage boundaries
6) Closing a project
7) Directing a project

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