08 February 2010

Back at Work after Outdoor Training: What Now? The eBook.

The Complete Guide to the ‘Transfer of Learning’ back to the Organization after Experiential Learning, Outward Bound Training (OBT) and Team Building / Leadership Courses.

Have you just got back from your outdoor training event and realized that it had the same effect on your staff as a night out at the pub? It has made everyone friendlier but none of the promised learning e.g. communication, team cohesion, team building, project management, leadership, etc. have been harnessed or implemented back at the company! Are you convinced that team building or experiential learning courses serve no purpose and do not really work? Then this ebook is for you. Based on research from all parts of the globe and intense focus groups, this ebook presents a clear strategy to maximize the learning from experiential learning, outward bound training and team building / leadership courses.

Outdoor training is a piece of management consultancy. It brings about a change within your organization  towards its betterment. This ebook adds value to all the money you have already invested in or are about to invest in team building courses. This ebook introduces you to a management model called the ‘OBT TOL Framework (Outward Bound Training, Transfer of Learning Framework)’ which details 3 significant phases to team building courses.

Phase 1: Organization Analysis (focusing on what needs to be done prior to the OBT course),

Phase 2: The OBT program (focusing on which guidelines need to be adhered to during the course),

Phase 3: Cycles of review, reflecting and learning (focusing on the post OBT course learning).

Where all 3 phases come together and intersect is the point at which learning is actually transferred from outward bound courses back to your company. This ebook gives an example of this framework in action together with clear guidelines on how to ensure the investments to be made or already made in team building courses have an increased capacity to bring forth a greater return via results within the company.

Book Preface - 

Over the past few years I have been on many outward bound training courses. These courses are described by many terms such as team building, experiential learning, outward bound management development (OMD), outward bound leadership training, etc. Having been taken white water rafting, raft building, kayaking, abseiling, aerial roping, jungle trekking, etc. one sometimes begins to wonder what these courses are all about. Most outdoor enthusiasts love these forms of adventures. Most trainers of these courses are outdoor people who have spent a lot of time developing their outdoor skills. For those who typically prefer the city and indoors, the outdoors can be both a daunting and an unnecessary exercise. Over the past few years outward bound training has been received with both delight and criticism. Most employees tend to return back to the work place having either loved or hated the experience, and also rather bewildered as to how the training was meant to affect their daily work life. Rather than questioning the training most employees and employers either assume there was learning that took place or mistakenly believe the new euphoria within the work place (which is temporary) was part of the training although the same euphoria could have been mustered via a simple company day trip. Does the transfer of learning back to the organization take place in outward bound training? Many agree and many disagree.

With careful study using qualitative research from across the globe and intense focus groups, I managed to determine if the transfer of learning from the outdoors to the organization does or does not take place. With this intense study I managed to put together a detailed strategy on how one could ensure the transfer of learning back to the work organization does take place. I presented my findings using a simple storyline as detailed in this ebook. This ebook details the lives of some individuals in a typical work organization. This organization is under a lot of stress. Work schedules are tight, competition fierce and the work load is almost drowning individuals. Training and developing the human resources of an organization to handle such stresses is critical for the success of the organization and for the well being of the employees. Using outward bound training to train individuals in leadership, team cohesion, motivation, communication and project management is of great value. If the training is a realistic live simulation of the work environment it could be of great value to both employee and employer. During recessions and difficult times, training employees is more important than ever as it addresses the company’s continued commitment to its employees and it motivates employees and prepares them for the roads ahead.

The key question to ask oneself is – is this training an adventure course for the staff or corporate training for the employee? If it is corporate training for the employee then the trainers themselves need to be familiar with the dynamics of business administration. This book is a management piece. It is geared towards the corporate employer or employee. It details what the management of an organization are required to do prior to an OBT course. It details what needs to be done during and more importantly what needs to be done after. Using simple characters, the focus of this book is not a story line or character building but rather it is a management guide. The characters (whilst not resembling anyone) are purely for the purpose of allowing the reader to identify with character traits regarding OBT. The significant portion of this book is the management study and implementation that it recommends.

What is your investment?

The ebook costs USD 10 ONLY. This is value for money. A typical outward bound training / experiential learning course often costs thousands of dollars. What this book offers you is a unique and researched methodology to ensure that the investment you have made in employees has a greater chance of a return. The training you undertake in the future or already have undertaken in the past will not be in vein. This is not simply the icing on the cake but the core missing ingredient to a cake. 

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